BWXT and CAER are exploring avenues to transition our state-of-the-art Integrated System Test (IST) facility and Integrated Control Room and Operation Performance Laboratory (INCONTROL) to open research platforms.


Steam Sampler

Steam Generator




Core Simulator

Coolant Reactor Pump

Feed Water Inlet

Steam Outlet

Natural Circulation Downcomer

Forced Circulation Downcomer

5' Removable Test Fixture

BWXT Integrated System Test (IST) Facility

Integrated Systems Test (IST) facility is a pilot-scale thermodynamic power system commissioned by for the BWXT mPowerâ„¢ small modular reactor (SMR).
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CAER Integrated Control Room and Operation Performance Laboratory (INCONTROL)

The INCONTROL at the CAER was the inspiration of an industry-university collaboration benefiting from contributions by AREVA, GSE Systems, and regional universities.
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Our Facilities are Capable of:

  • Spurring innovation and enabling safe and secure production of electricity from existing and emerging energy technologies.
  • Addressing licensing challenges to improve existing deployment obstacles
  • Compile generic R&D requirements for a dedicated nuclear power station cyber-physical system test bed
  • Provide a vision for maximizing the R&D potential of the CAER IST

Letter to R&D Community

To Advance Our Mission We Are:

  • Exploring a transition to a DOE-NE Nuclear Scientific User Facility by responding to DOE-NE RFI DE-SOL-0008318 University, National Laboratory, Industry and International Input on Potential Office of Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Investments.
  • Developing plans for the future use of the IST and CAER to add significant value to the national and international efforts in thermal-hydraulic research, cyber-physical investigations, advanced instrumentation research, and regulatory licensing.
  • Providing tours to present the capabilities and attributes of the IST & INCONTROL to leaders in the R&D community from universities, national labs, government, industry, and international organizations.


  1. University and Industry Tours March 6th, and 26th.
  2. An innovation workshop to explore the capabilities of our IST & INCONTROL Lab facilities was held June 4th and 5th, 2015

The workshop addressed the R&D challenges and opportunities for utilizing the IST at CAER as a cyber-physical systems platform (CPSP) incorporating interfaces for process-scale thermal-hydraulic investigations.


The purpose of the workshop was to:

  • Assess the current state of practice
  • Identify basic technology research, transition, and adoption roadblocks
  • Brainstorm novel applications of the CAER IST as a Cyber-Physical System Platform (CPSP)
  • Define cost-effective requirements for CPSP-based R&D
  • Licensing Issue Resolution Potential of the CAER IST