INCONTROL Control Room Technology

The INCONTROL at the CAER was the inspiration of an industry-university collaboration benefiting from contributions by AREVA, GSE Systems, and regional universities.  At the center of the INCONTROL facility is a 2500 sq. ft. configurable control room, outfitted with modular console furniture, multiple operator workstations, and includes over 50 consoles (including three 90” displays) emulating the data acquisition and presentation required of a nuclear power plant. The laboratory is also fully equipped with human performance measurement instruments, such as audio-video recorders, wearable eye-trackers, and wireless physiological monitors, synchronized with a data integration and analysis software application connected to the plant simulators.  This laboratory is complemented with an integrated digital I&C laboratory being built to enable human- and hardware-in-the-loop experiments for assessing digital control systems (DCS) and human factors together.
INCONTROL has partnered with University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Commonwealth University to promote nuclear energy research and education. The INCONTROL goals are to: (1) conduct basic and applied research on human-machine interfaces (HMI), simulation methods, and I&C technologies to augment the safety and security of nuclear power plants, (2) transfer technology from the research laboratories to practical, commercial applications, (3) educate a new generation of students in nuclear power plant design, analysis, operation and I&C systems, and (4) serve the nuclear industry by providing educational activities that support workforce training and development. Research laboratories like the INCONTROL control room are vital for improving human reliability through the development and validation of digital and hybrid main control room deployment, thus contributing to overall plant safety.
CAER Control Room

CAER I&C Instrumentation

Laboratory Assets

The digital Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system research/educational laboratory will allow for fully-functional digital I&C systems that are normally found in NPP facilities to be integrated with the control room and plan simulators.

  • Areva:
    • 4 channel Teleperm TXS - safety grade 1E system
    • SPACE I&C engineering Software
  • National Instruments:
    • High performance dual processor-FPGA based controllers
    • Wireless Sensor network
    • High-Performance PXI Data Acquisition System